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We understand that time is money for Tradespeople, and arranging time off work to travel elsewhere for the installation of additional deadlocks on their van can pose a considerable inconvenience. This is precisely why we offer a solution that involves coming directly to you – whether at your home, premises, or workplace – at no additional expense. We provide the service of fitting your van security products on-site.

Regardless of your location, whether you are an individual van owner or your company necessitates the securing of its fleet with van security locks, we possess suitable van locking and shielding solutions that align with your specific needs.

We provide the convenience of coming to you – whether it’s at your home, premises, or workplace.

Van Security Packages
Our packages are designed to protect the load/cab area of your van, by securing the manufacturer's weaknesses to help prevent the most common types of attacks.
The hook lock extends and latches into the receiving keep on the bodywork giving a high level of protection against door spreading and bending the doors down.
Slamlocks and Slam Handles are our second most popular security lock that we install, with deadlocks been the most popular.
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LDS Van Security Locks, experts in the mobile installation of van security products and deadlocks for vans, such as; Deadlocks, Slam Locks, Slam Handles, DPD Slam Locls, Ford Approved Transit & Custom Hykee Replocks, Hook Locks, Loom Guards, Shields, Repair Plates and much much more…

Here at LDS Van Security Locks we take great pride in our quality workmanship and the securing of many new fleet vehicle contracts and understand the importance of vehicle security through quality workmanship and durable locking systems to meet the needs of each and every individual customer.

Van owners and fleet operators can rest assured that LDS Van Security Locks can provide a wide range of van security products, from deadlocks, hook locks, slamlocks, repair plates and much more, to ensure that your van is secure. All of our van deadlocks and van security products are fitted by our team of highly experienced, professional technicians, giving you peace of mind that your van is safe and secure.

The Benefits of Van Deadlocks

Van deadlocks are an essential addition to any van. They’re a simple, but effective security measure that can help prevent tool theft and protect against van theft. Van deadlocks can be used on all makes and models, from small vans to very large vans.

There are many benefits of using van deadlocks:

Deadlocks for vans are an important investment for any van owner who wants to keep their vehicle and its contents safe from theft. Here are some of the benefits of installing van deadlocks:

Prevents theft:

The primary benefit of van deadlocks is that they prevent theft. These locks are designed to be very secure, so even experienced thieves will have a hard time breaking into your van. This makes it much less likely that your van will be targeted by thieves.

Protects your tools and equipment:

If you use your van for work, you probably carry a lot of valuable tools and equipment inside. Van deadlocks protect your tools and equipment from being stolen, which can save you a lot of money in replacement costs.

Reduces insurance premiums:

Many insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles that have security features like van security deadlocks. This means that installing these locks could actually save you money on your insurance premiums in the long run.

Increases resale value:

If you decide to sell your van in the future, having van deadlocks installed can increase its resale value. Potential buyers will appreciate the added security features, which could make your van more desirable and valuable.

Peace of mind:

Finally, installing van deadlocks can give you peace of mind knowing that your van and its contents are safely secured. You won’t have to worry about theft or break-ins, which can reduce stress and anxiety.

Overall, van security locks are an excellent investment for any van owner who values their vehicle and its contents. They provide a range of benefits, from preventing theft to reducing insurance premiums, and can give you peace of mind knowing that your van is safe and secure.

What our Customers say

These guys did security locks on my Vivaro very polite very professional and did an excellent job I wouldn’t use anyone else now

Chris Hiorns

Quick and professional installation wouldn’t hesitate to recommend

Chris Brown

Absolutely spot-on service and price came to my home in Blackpool done and dusted in no time 5* star service from these guys

Andy Willis

Nationwide Van Deadlock Fitting Services

LDS Van Security Locks are specialists in the fitting of van deadlocks and other van security products. We provide a nationwide mobile fitting service as well as a repair service for damaged van locks. Our technicians can come to your location and provide a secure, dependable van deadlock fitting service.

Take Advantage of Our Nationwide Van Deadlock Fitting Services

Our van deadlocks are the perfect solution to secure your van, providing you with peace of mind thatHykee Relock Fitted your van and its contents are secure. Our experienced technicians can provide a fast, efficient service, ensuring that you receive a quality van deadlock fitting as quickly as possible.

Don’t leave your van vulnerable to theft – make sure your van is secure by getting van deadlocks fitted by the professionals at LDS Van Security Locks. Contact us today to arrange your van deadlock fitting service.

Statistics For Van Tool Theft

  • In the UK, a van is broken into about every 23 minutes
  • 50% of tradespeople have been victims of van crime on more than one occasion
  • The average value of van theft now stands at £1,692
  • £94,521,600 was the total cost to tradespeople in the UK in 2016 (according to Trade Direct)
  • 50% of victims could not work the following day, costing them at least £500 in earnings.

With dealing with the aftermath of van crime on a regular basis we understand the need for extra security locks for vans to secure your vans and have great empathy with van owners and the pressures they are under to secure their vans, particularly after a break in.

Hook LockSo whether its due to a break in or to avoid the inevitable from happening, we have a van security solution to meet the needs and budget of each and every client.

We have cost effective van security solutions for all makes and models of vans from, Van Deadlocks, Van Hook Locks, Van Slam Locks, Drivers Door Replacement Locks, Loom Guards, Anti-Drill Plates and much more…

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